The End, Friends

Summer has ended, and with it my internship, and so this is my last post for Usful Glassworks.  As such, I’ll be wasting-erm, using this post… Read More

Treating Nonprofits Differently

Recently, there’s been a trend of philanthropists, foundations and nonprofits speaking out against how we’re treated.  Vu Le of Nonprofits with Balls recently wrote a… Read More

Elvis and Kresse

In a continuation of last week’s theme of recycling things that normally go in landfills, I present Elvis and Kresse. Elvis and Kresse started… Read More

Recycling Crayons

You know how some restaurants are nice enough to give children those kiddie menus? You know, those menus that are basically a coloring book page… Read More

Building with Bone

Researchers at the University of Cambridge are working on trying to grow bone for building. Most modern buildings, especially skyscrapers, are made of steel and… Read More

The Green Cone

This article was taken from here and here. Check their websites for more cool environmental inventions and going-ons. Compost is… Read More