Usful Glass


We are funded primarily by the sales of our glassware, the remaining funding is generated from individual donations and small grants.


Where do the donation dollars go?
Here’s a more detailed breakdown:



helps to provide vocational and work ethics training to a single program participant for one week.


will help us replace some of our old lapidary pads on the line, so we can continue to make beautiful glass rims.


will help us build controllers for our fire polisher, so that we can produce more consistent glassware, help more program participants, and eventually be able to sustain ourselves financially through the sales of our glassware (we want to become an employer for our participants rather than just providing job training).


supports a program participant through our entire vocational and work ethics training program for three months.


We've got a little something for everyone

including multiple sizes, colors, specialty items and custom etched orders. Check out our glasses, carafes, planters, votive holders and much more.