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About Us.

When you see an empty glass bottle, we see the future. Ūsful Glassworks, a 501c3 nonprofit organization, was founded in 2008 to fulfill a social, environmentally friendly, and economic need in our community. We help the underserved build work maturity while recycling empty wine, beer, and liquor bottles into reusable glass products.

Our environmentally friendly products allow us to provide valuable job and vocational training to those in the community who need help, including offenders, refugees, homeless, at-risk youth, veterans, those on public assistance, and low-income seniors. Every donation made or product purchased directly supports our program, our community and our environment.

Our Mission.

Ūsful Glassworks is an innovative nonprofit organization that addresses social, environmental and economic needs in the community – one person and one glass bottle at a time. Our mission is to help people with employment barriers find jobs through our glass recycling program.

Our program participants consist of offenders, at risk youth, the homeless, refugees, fixed-income seniors, veterans, people with physical and mental impairments, and those receiving cash assistance from government programs. Program participants focus on developing production and manufacturing vocational skills in addition to a set of foundational skills including basic speaking and listening, thinking, interpersonal skills, and personal qualities such as attendance, punctuality, appearance, self-management, accepting direction, and honesty and integrity.

Upon completion of the three-month program, successful participants receive assistance in finding permanent work along with a professional letter of recommendation that documents their training and progress.

Our Team.

Meet the faces behind the glass! We’re a passionate group of people who care about the environment, our community and each other.


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including multiple sizes, colors, specialty items and custom etched orders. Check out our glasses, carafes, planters, votive holders and much more.

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Our Process.

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    Our generous contributors in the community (both corporate and private) bring in empty wine, liquor, beer, and soda bottles to our facility for processing.

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    We sort them and recycle them into a variety of beautiful glassware products. We even recycle the glass that doesn’t meet our standards to ensure we’re being 100% eco-friendly.

  3. 3

    Our wonderful job training program participants hand craft all of our recycled glassware. These repurposed glassware products, drinking glasses (custom etched or not), hurricane lanterns, snack trays and oil dispensers are proudly produced by our job training participants that include our jobless and homeless, refugees, low income seniors, at-risk youth and those on probation and/or parole.

  4. 4

    We help those with job barriers feel useful creating green glassware while building proficiency in production, quality control and inventory management while building practical and sustainable workplace skills. On-site job training classes are held in our classroom to teach work readiness subjects like basic computer skills, balancing a checkbook, and even English. They gain valuable vocational training and skills that help them find a job and get back to work.

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    Each of our recycled glass products go through a vigorous quality control process where they get cut, polished, and inspected across many different stations to ensure that every repurposed glass product sold is of the highest standards.

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    You make the workforce stronger by giving people second chances when you buy our products and kindly give us donations.

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